Things to Remember Before Purchasing a Peugeot 308

Typically the wisely designed Nuova Peugeot 308 assists a declining Peugeot manufacturer. Overlook the tedious old product of the particular same label, this specific and newest one provides a completely new interior, base, as well as an all-new appearance. While the older one ended up being firmly a great also-ran, this kind of one quite much usually takes the combat to typically the Focus from Ford and the Golf from Volkswagon.

Typically the latest 308 is almost 140kg less heavy compared to the older one, will be lower along with wider as compared to before, along with has some sort of slightly much longer wheelbase. This converts in to a auto that flights supremely nicely. The Peugeot 308 is genuinely very secure along with sophisticated. The particular NVH provides been well buttoned lower, it will not bob and also weave about on the particular road, and also it is still settled.

Yet the problem comes whenever you positively desires to “test” the automobile out; there is noticeable roll within restricted cornering as well as the actual steering isnt the best. The actual 155bhp petroleum is some sort of punchy, attainable unit, although the 1.6-liter exhibits some good refinement as well. And that is the style here: Comfort and ease. Indeed, also in the actual GT versions, providing either some sort of 202bhp gas or even 179bhp diesel. Similar to the normal types, that they drive really nicely, nevertheless never truly thrill.