Modesto Auto Accident Killed a Thirty-One Year Old Man

A fatal car accident occurred early on Saturday morning in Modesto, California. A twenty year old man was speeding down Highway 99 in Modesto when he struck another vehicle that was going the speed limit. The other vehicle was a pickup truck and, as many pickups do when hit with such powerful force, the vehicle rolled, killing the thirty-one year driver within. The victim was not even able to survive long enough to make it to the hospital. His injuries were so severe that he was pronounced dead at the scene of the car crash. Police state that at this point, it is not believed that drugs or alcohol played a part in the man’s reckless driving. He was simply in a hurry to get to wherever he was going.

Although the details of the driver and his victim have not yet been released, there is no doubt that the man who was killed has left behind family and friends who will miss him dearly. Because of the youth’s reckless behavior on the road, another man was killed without warning and without a chance for him to say goodbye to those he loved most. The biggest tragedy in this incident is that the victim was not breaking any rules or any laws. Unlike the driver that killed him, he was going the speed limit and driving as a responsible citizen should. The motorist who caused the rollover accident, on the other hand, was using all three lanes of the highway to pass other vehicles that he felt were going too slow. His rush to get to wherever he was going cost so much more than just a speeding ticket would have. As the man waits in a local county jail for an upcoming trial, he is undoubtedly learning that it doesn’t pay to speed. In contrast, it has cost his victim everything.

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of death in the United States and particularly in California. In a state where there are more freeways in any one city than there are in many other states as a whole, car crashes are prevalent and cause serious injury and death on a regular basis. For accidents that result in both serious injury and wrongful death, California personal injury lawyers are there to help victims and their families get the compensation they need to survive. The man who was killed in the accident caused by a reckless young man speeding down Highway 99 has likely left behind a family who is unable to pay for the expensive funeral costs on their own. Although petitioning for monetary compensation from the young man who caused the accident won’t bring this man back to his family, it could greatly ease that family’s financial burden as they determine how they are going to cover the victim’s funeral costs. For serious injury and wrongful death cases, don’t rely on criminal charges alone to satisfy your claim on justice. Monetary compensation can ease your financial stress so that you can your remaining family members can grieve over the loved one you’ve lost.