Automotive Q&a Trivia

Think about by yourself experienced when it will come to autos? Possibly you extravagant by yourself a closet vehicle sector qualified? If so, test these twenty tidbits of trivia on for size. See how you and your friends stack up. Use the respond to essential at the conclude to quality by yourself. And bear in mind: no cheating. Good luck.

1. What was the price of a manufacturer new Ford vehicle in 1924?

two. American car horns beep to this musical tone?

three. In what yr did electrical power home windows to start with seem on automobiles?

four. What share of nations drive on the remaining aspect of the street?

five. Ferrari provides a highest of ___ autos for each working day.

6. A bicycle is a lot quicker than an car for excursions below 50 minutes in this congested Asian city?

seven. Airbags deploy at this velocity when brought on?

8. In 2001, Chrysler sued Standard Motors professing the grill on the _______ copied the structure on its’ Jeep manufacturer.

9. The countrywide 55mph velocity restrict was enacted in this yr soon after oil shortages?

ten. Each single car produced in the globe is offered its’ own distinctive what?

11. The incredibly to start with dashing ticket was handed out in this yr?

12. What share of the worlds autos are located in the U.S.?

13. According to the FBI, a vehicle is stolen this generally in the U.S.?

fourteen. The earliest autos ended up maneuvered with this somewhat than a steering wheel?

fifteen. This share of the U.S. Gross Domestic Products is right connected to the vehicle sector?

16. Present working day autos have an ordinary -60mph time of?

17. This international city has the most Rolls Royces for each capita?

18. Ferdinand Verbiest, a Belgian priest, fabricated the to start with recognized purposeful vehicle design in this yr?

19. In 1898, the New York Town Law enforcement Department utilised these to chase dashing motorists?

20. What share of excursions from an American residence entail the use of a car?

Solution Key:

1. $265

two. F

three. 1946

four. Roughly twenty five%

five. fourteen

6. Tokyo, Japan

seven. 4500mph

8. Hummer H2

9. 1974

ten. VIN #

11. 1902

12. 40%

13. Each 23 seconds

fourteen. lever

fifteen. 20%

16. 9.9 seconds

17. Hong Kong

18. 1668

19. bicycles

20. 94%

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